Mother’s Day is around the corner and it’s one of the busiest times of year for us at Parkwest Flowers. Everyone is working hard to make sure that we’re ready to send out the best flowers to your mum in the coming weeks so that her Mother’s Day is a memorable one!

Mother’s Day is the occasion when all mums get honoured for the support and love they give to their children. Everyone pampers their mum then with gifts and surprises. The most popular gift is still the traditional bunch of flowers and there is a huge variety of flower bouquets and arrangements that might make your mother’s day.

So what if you can’t decide which flowers to give? We will help you out by presenting different meanings of flowers so you can choose the right one for whatever message you want to send to your mum. During the Victorian era it became a trend to give flowers and other gifts. The so often called “language of flowers” came up to create a language for friends, family and lovers to replace words.

Every flower has a different meaning and suits for different occasion. So when you want to express your love for your mum with more than just words pick the best fitting type of flowers. With red roses you always make the right choice due to their expression of love, respect and courage. Shiny pink roses are a perfect way to say “Thank You Mum”. Daffodils are the first flowers that show their beauty and bloom after a cold winter season. With their bright yellow blossoms they look pretty and express faith and honesty and add an extra highlight to your flower bouquet. Tulips are the right choice because they represent genuine cosiness and comfort in all of the right ways.

So show your mum that she is your home and thank her for her protection and understanding with lovely colourful tulips. Send your mum wishes of prosperity and sympathy with lilies. With the classic flower arrangement “Inspired by you” of pastel flowers including pink roses you can express grace. Show her you are proud of being her child with Carnations and Hyacinth to present constancy of love.

With Gerbera Daisies you can express purity and cheerfulness. They represent happiness and combined with white roses that say “you are heavenly” you are definitely on the right track. We hope you could find the right flower to show your mum what she means to you and make her happy on that special day. Add a yummy chocolate box to sweeten her day and a lovely card where you can express everything flowers couldn’t say.