Ever notice on bright and sunny days how everyone seems happy? Just like flowers need light, people need happy thoughts and moments to grow.

Colour therapists say colours really do affect our moods.

The happiest colour? Orange. It promotes optimism, enthusiasm, and a sense of uplift. Choose orange flowers—roses, gerberas, lilies, and alstroemeria,- to put on your desk and see your mood soar.

With summer just around the corner, Parkwest flowers summer range is delightfully bright and will cheer up any dark day. In Parkwest Flowers the colours of the stock and Hand-tie display are beaming with lots of bright summer colours. We have all types to suit any occasions.

When it comes to flowers, summer is the most colourful out of all s

easons bursting with enjoyment, warmth and shine. There is a great selection of arrangements, bouquets and baskets to choose from.


Some of our lovely summer collections include our best seller Summer Scents Perfect Gift. The array of soft pink and shades complements each other beautifully in this vase arrangement. This gift not only looks delightful, it has a lovely summer fragrance too – just perfect for a special occasion this season.d lilac